Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Building Upon THE ROCK

Everyday is about living a life built upon the Rock of My Salvation and sharing it with those who do not know Him. Do You Know Jesus and what He has done for YOU?

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Peapod Celebration!

What a joy it is to celebrate every new little one that comes our way. After trying my hand at the sleeping baby cake a couple times, my imagination went wild with ideas of how to take it to the next step. As my good friend Cheryl's baby shower was approaching, the Peapod theme seemed like a sweet way to celebrate this little boy who has yet to be seen by all of us. For two weeks as we planned this, everytime I closed my eyes I was constructing it. When I finally began decorating it, it was complete in less than 2 hours. This was so much fun because each "pea" is a ball shaped cake of a different flavor, so guests could choose between carrot, chocolate, and red velvet cake. Mmm-mmm-good!
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one foot in the grave

I have to tell you that I was a little scared to deliver this cake. This is another one of those cakes that the recipient is either going to love it or really be mad at someone. As it turned out, she was a really great sport and laughed alot about it. It gave the office something to have fun with while celebrating another birthday for a wonderful friend!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Cakes!

Babies are so special. A family's first baby is extra special. It is the beginning of a brand new era in the lives of the parents. This particular baby cake is for one of those extra special baby celebrations. We celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Stella Rayne, my brother Cory and his wife Lori's first baby girl. This baby holds a special spot in many people's hearts, along with Cory & Lori's. On the maternal side, this is the first grandchild for Lori's Mom & Dad and the first niece for Lori's brothers. On the paternal side, this baby will share the name Stella Bainbridge with her much loved and missed great-grandmother Stella 'Nana' Bainbridge. She also is the namesake for Lori's great-grandmother, Stella.

God has blessed me with so many hand picked nieces, nephews and loved ones. Stella Rayne will be my first niece by family relation. God bless Cory and Lori with this new baby girl. I envision her to be a beautiful curly headed brunette full of life and love...
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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tennis Cake

Do you realize the possibilities there are in cake shapes and sizes? By using just a few tips and techniques, cake decorators can create a cake into many different shapes. This cake did not require a special pan or any unique tool...just a regular sheet cake pan and a good ol' sharp knife. What fun it is to create a replica of someone's favorite sporting equipment or tool!

We are working on digging some more pictures from the archives. Many years ago I created a blue hammer for a special little guy who never went anywhere with out it. He is a little older now and would trade his hammer for a set of car keys any day, but that cake reminds us of an era in his life that we wouldn't want to forget!
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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Surf's Up Groom's Cake

Props! Cake trends of today display all sorts of highly ornate sugar-made accent pieces. While they are unique and truly a work of art, these sugar made additons do not get eaten and they consume a large amount of time to create, thus driving the price of the cake way beyond the means of everyday people. The perfect alternative is to incorporate props that coordinate with the theme of the cake and bring a flare to the otherwise ordinary sheet cake. In this instance, a minature beach house along with the addition of hand made wooden stilts, a decorative surf board and goggles brought together this Surf's Up Groom's Cake!
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