Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Baby Cakes!

Babies are so special. A family's first baby is extra special. It is the beginning of a brand new era in the lives of the parents. This particular baby cake is for one of those extra special baby celebrations. We celebrated the upcoming arrival of baby Stella Rayne, my brother Cory and his wife Lori's first baby girl. This baby holds a special spot in many people's hearts, along with Cory & Lori's. On the maternal side, this is the first grandchild for Lori's Mom & Dad and the first niece for Lori's brothers. On the paternal side, this baby will share the name Stella Bainbridge with her much loved and missed great-grandmother Stella 'Nana' Bainbridge. She also is the namesake for Lori's great-grandmother, Stella.

God has blessed me with so many hand picked nieces, nephews and loved ones. Stella Rayne will be my first niece by family relation. God bless Cory and Lori with this new baby girl. I envision her to be a beautiful curly headed brunette full of life and love...
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