Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fondant, Oh the Possibilities!

Fondant isn't something I have spent much time with.  It certainly breaks the mold with regard to texture and taste of traditional buttercream frosting.  It brings me back to the days of playing with playdough and using the molding presses.  I have to admit, after seeing the possibilities of such a moldable cake covering, I am hooked!  There truly is no other way to create an impeccably smooth surface as well as emboss, mold and layer designs quite like you can with fondant.

For those who just cannot bear the thought of cake without the smooth buttercream frosting on it, you can still satisfy your palate with a fondant covered cake.  Between the cake and the fondant, an ample amount of buttercream frosting is applied to anchor the fondant to the cake.

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